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Are you tired  of searching for that someone or something that will reintroduce you to your spark, your spirit ? Have you had enough unremarkable, depthless  interactions with people to last a lifetime ?  So many, in fact, that you may have begun to think that this is all that there is.

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Woburn, MA 6.19-21

Waltham, MA 6.24-26
Nashua, NH 6.26-28

Boston, MA 7.16-18

Now taking requests for JUN/JULY

​*Meeting on a date not listed requires the following:

Screening, 48 hour notice, and 1.5 hour minimum.

Minimum deposit of 20% required for all appointments; Flexible payment options available. ​​

Or maybe , you’ve never even allowed  yourself  to explore what ignites you. What brings you joy, scares you, leaves you in awe or makes you come alive... do you know? 

Black woman in a peach colored dress sitting cross legged on a white daybed

Hello, I’m Erica Saywell.

Close friends describe me as a deeply passionate, sensual woman with the type of grace, warmth and beauty that only comes from knowing oneself. 

I’ve been known to blow a person’s mind AND rock their world through mindful conversations and intentionality in my touch. 

And I want to share that with you.

I prefer quality connections over quantity, and I make the best of my time by spending it in the company of only a few thoughtful people.I complement folks who are interested in letting go of the of masks and preconceived notions of who/what/ how you should be and , in its place, wish to create a space together that is void of judgement and fear. 

In this rich, delicious expanse we will  remind each other what it is to be human:

Giving ourselves the permission to nakedly enjoy the lushness of being present…..The bliss of sharing those moments with someone delighted in watching you bloom.. And the profound realization  that it was you who helped shape this beautiful thing we have here . 


 I am very selective about the company I keep and reserve myself for mature (age 30-65) discreet professionals.I invite only established,  respectful, considerate folks to reach and connect with me.

Please inquire, respectfully, about any details or fine points you’d like to go over to make our time together unique.

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About Me & Engagement

Sitting in a white and red floral dress

I am most fond of seeing familiar faces again and again, but I also appreciate the opportunity to make new friends.

Somewhere between exploring each other and embracing the powers of pausing and play, I hope we’ll find the room to laugh at the absurd, bend not break, and ride whatever waves life puts on your path. 

 Come discover what’s been missing.

At five foot five, my natural soft hourglass figure creates an intoxicating illusion. Accompanying that are expressive brown eyes, glowing cinnamon skin and a disarming smile. It may be hard for you to resist returning for another chance to savor this delicacy. 


I keep trim with yoga,swimming and a fair amount of meditative cussing. Sometimes, you just have to let that shit out.

Black woman in a Black two piece dress, sitting cross legged on a folding chair

Partial prepayment includes text chats.


Larger prepayments allow for the additional time.



1 hr 700

1.5 -2 hours 900

(Highly recomm’d for new friends.)

3-4 hours 1.3K

5-6 hours 1.7K

6-8 hours 2.2K

Overnight (12hrs) 3K

All Day (24hrs) 5K

Sweets (social only) 300 pHr

Greek Arts, additional 250+

Established friends only, Hh 550

Packages :

To be paid in full on/before the first meeting of this arrangement.

         Expansion package:

3 dates ( 2hrs each date) for 2.2K( 2.7K value)

Exploration package:

3 dates ( 4hrs each date) for 3.2K( 3.9K value)


Elation package:

3 dates (6hrs each date) for 4.1K( 5.1K value)

Ecstasy package:

3 dates (12hrs each date) for 7.2K( 9K value)

 * Cancellation Policy * Should you need to cancel our confirmed meeting after I acquire accommodations, you will be required to pay a 20% fee to cover the cost. Should you need to cancel our confirmed meeting within 24 hours of your appointment, you will be required to pay a 50 % cancellation fee for the time which had been set aside for you. Should you cancel within 12 hours of your appointment, arrive so late that you force me to turn you away, or not show up at all, you will be required to pay the visit in full. Thank you for understanding!


Screening: I keep a small circle of trusted friend. I screen all potential partners to help set the stage for mutual boundaries and respect ... the information I require is -First/last name -Residential city - Preferred date, start time, length of meeting - Linkedin or license selfie -Emails of 2 independent models you’ve seen in the past year. - Social media usernames or handles - A 20% deposit ( not to be given until plans are finalized) Is this your FIRST TIME and you are without references?…Please Also Include ONE of the following : - picture of a pay stub with employer info visible ( sensitive info can be cover ) -employer name, position, and phone number (I Will Never call unless we have discussed it first ) Deposit ( ONLY after we have confirmed an appt. This amount will vary( please see the PERKS section of my site), but a 20% minimum is expected ). My intention is to verify you are who you say you are. I destroyed all the info you’ve given me once we’ve met. I hope you understand my discretion is for your safety and mine. If you’re comfortable with my process and still wish to meet, excellent! 💗

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